Rental Liaison Program

Our Rental Liaison Program is designed for the Client who rents their home. We offer Two programs.

1)  RENTAL LIAISON between you, the Client and your Renter, wherein we:

  • Visit your home prior to the arrival of your guests to ensure that the home has been properly “turned over” from the prior guest and readied for the next arrival. We HIGHLY recommend that the cleaning staff and any restocking or purchases are made immediately after the guest’s departure. This ensures that the home is ready for the next guest with no last minute disruptions to the next guest’s arrival. For any extended periods of time between guest visits, we will visit the home as part of our regular home visits to ensure the home is safe, secure and in good condition.
  • Meet your guests at the home upon their arrival to exchange keys and welcome them
  • Serve as your Guest point of contact for any emergencies or matters that arise during their stay
  • Meet your guests at the home upon their departure to retrieve keys and perform a walk through to ensure there is no damage, obvious theft or irregularities as a result of their stay
  • We HIGHLY recommend that the Client obtains a security deposit with every rental. At our walk through, we will advise you the Client on releasing the deposit back to the guest, assuming everything is intact. If not, we will document in writing and take photos of our observations for you to determine next steps.

2) RENTAL LIAISON AND RENTAL ASSISTANCE, wherein we additionally:

  • Field all of the Client rental inquiries on your behalf, perform any due diligence necessary on the prospective renter, circulate rental agreement (and any related documents the Client has that accompanies its rental agreement ie: Rules and Regulations)
  • Arrange for delivery of executed rental agreement to Guest and Client
  • Instruct Guest on payment to Client (including Security Deposit)
  • Client agrees to link Home Watch of Sarasota LLC (HWS) to its rental program as the Clients point of contact (ie: VRBO), supply HWS with all of its rental documents and exhibits, provide HWS with Clients direct contact information to facilitate communication on pending rental
  • The rental agreement and any exchange of funds shall at ALL times be between the Client and Guest. HWS shall not be a party to any agreements or financial arrangement between Client and Guest.

Pricing of either service determined at the time of consultation.




As your RENTAL LIAISON, HWS can offer Guest Concierge services to enhance the Guests’ experience. This service can be tailored to each Guests’ preference and billed as an hourly rate. A Menu of services can be provided as requested.

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