Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your Home Management Program and Home Watch Program?

The HMP is an annual service agreement that includes all of the HWP services plus the added features of weekly visits, your service and vendor provider point of contact, your alarm company point of contact, key holder, any contractor liaison assistance, vehicle start up, errands and assisting you with household tasks, holiday and seasonal theme staging/decorating, home preparation for you or your arriving guests, severe storm/hurricane preparations.

Are you essentially my property custodian?

Not in the sense that we are there daily or living at your home. But we are in the sense that we offer many of the services that a custodian would offer. Everything from weekly visits to more frequent interaction with the home and you the Client based on your level of service request.

Can I select individual services customized to my liking?

Yes, we offer Concierge service that enables you to select individual services you desire and on what frequency.

How do I determine what level of service I want?

At our in home consultation with you we review our Client Property Profile that captures all of the the pertinent information on your home and also gives you the opportunity to add specific tasks or services you want. At our initial meeting, we then review your answers in detail, tour your home and then follow up with a detailed quote addressing your exact needs.

How is the pricing determined?

Once we collectively determine your service expectations, we present you with a detailed quote. As you can imagine with any service, it is important that each of us has a clear understanding of expectations and value. We stand behind our experience and offer exceptional accountability to you in return for an equitable arrangement that we can each feel good about.

What next?

Contact us and we will promptly reach out to you to schedule a consultation and send you our Client Property Profile. Thank you.

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