Home Watch of Sarasota LLC Privacy Policy Statement

Home Watch of Sarasota LLC (the “Company”) is an insured and bonded company. Insurance certificates are provided as an exhibit to the Service Agreement.

As part of the Companies engagement by the Customer (the “Client”), it is understood that the Client is providing the Company with private and confidential information on the Client, its home and contents. It is the policy of the Company to ensure that each and every Client has their personal and confidential information protected and secured. Under no circumstance shall any information of the Client or the Clients home be made public or shared with any individual, business or agency unless the Client expresses to the Company its desire to do so. Any Client directive shall be issued to the Company in a written email with a current date and instructions to the Company. No text messages, phone or voice mails shall be accepted. No individuals other than authorized Company personnel shall visit the Clients home during any scheduled inspection. The Company representatives shall have Company issued identification. During any home visit, any person, neighbor, service provider or contractor that attempts to enter the home and accompany the inspection shall be denied access by the Company personnel. Only previously authorized individuals or service personnel made known to the Company by the Client shall be permitted access during the inspection. If an issue arises with this procedure, the Company shall leave the property and inform the Client and return at another time to perform its inspection. The Company will use its best efforts at all times to ensure the Clients individual privacy and confidentiality of the service agreement and its contents.